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  1. Stef  •  Nov 10, 2010 @9:53 pm

    FINALLY you have your own site. I discovered your remixes years ago through OCRemix, and absolutely fell in love with your chrono cross/trigger & castlevania songs. One of them came on my itunes shuffle tonight and I decided to see if you were still alive in the remix world. Happy surprise for me! I’m so glad you’re posting your songs, I love all of them. You’re incredibly talented! Please keep up the awesome work 😀

  2. Brad  •  Feb 5, 2011 @12:24 pm

    Nice work! Your music helps me keep going when the studying never ends

  3. Rikk88  •  Aug 17, 2011 @7:16 am

    Bel lavoro! Mi piace la tua musica! A breve un bel post sul mio blog…

  4. Cassie C  •  Dec 6, 2011 @11:02 pm

    Hello~~ 🙂

    I’ve been a long time fan ever since my sister made me listen to some of your music way back years and years ago. My favorite song to this day is from Chrono Cross, “Another Inspiration”.

    Well anyways, i listened to them way back when i was like in middle school! Now im sitting here 8 years later trying to study for final exams & listening to some of your music. But it’s obviously not working, anyways, how nostalgic. Your music brings memories back to me. :))) Your music is definitely not forgotten! :))

    Hope everything is well~~

  5. ImGerik  •  Dec 13, 2012 @10:51 am

    Nice music! Just started listening to your work, I love it so far.

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